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Creating/updating a will or trust

A will or trust is used to designate who will inherit your property and ensure that your children and loved ones will be taken care of in accordance with your wishes. If you need an estate plan, we can help you create a will or trust.

Handling a loved one's estate

If you've been designated as the trustee or executor of an estate for a loved one who has died, TuckerAllen can guide you through the process.

Planning for my future care or the care of a senior

A TuckerAllen elder law attorney can help you safeguard your finances and well-being, or those of an elderly or disabled individual, through long-term care planning, asset protection, special needs planning, Medicaid, and VA benefits eligibility strategies.

Providing for someone with special needs

Have you or your spouse been diagnosed with a progressively debilitating disease? Or do you have a loved one with a disability or a child who has special needs? If so, a special needs estate plan is the best way to not only allocate your assets but also preserve your or your loved one’s disability benefits.


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