Estate Planning

Limited Power of Attorney for Minors

A Limited Power of Attorney for Minor Children is an option for parents who leave their child with a temporary caregiver for any period of time. Most parents do not consider the authority that their child’s temporary caregiver may require. If your caregiver needs to make medical decisions or sign a permission form, do they... Read more »

Changes to Retirement Plans Under SECURE 2.0

On December 29, 2022, President Biden signed the Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2022 into law. The Act, commonly referred to as SECURE 2.0, makes changes to tax and other laws related to retirement accounts. SECURE 2.0 follows an overhaul of retirement account laws made by its predecessor act, the Setting Every Community Up... Read more »

Estate Planning For Your Pets

You may be a fan of Netflix’s Gunther’s Millions, which features the world’s wealthiest dog, a German Shepherd named Gunther. Gunther purportedly inherited his master’s fortune – approximately $350 million US dollars. Unlike in Germany (where Gunther lives), in the United States, pets are considered personal property themselves and cannot inherit assets as if they... Read more »

Social Media Accounts After Death

The grieving process after a loved one passes is a difficult time for everyone. Accessing a loved one’s social media account after they have passed away can be difficult, and seeing a deceased loved one’s social media account in your feed can needlessly prolong the grieving process. At TuckerAllen, we can help you save passwords... Read more »

Accessing Mobile Phone Data

The grieving process after a loved one passes is a difficult time for everyone. Being unable to access photographs, videos, and other sentimental items after the death of a loved one can make closure and the grieving process more difficult. At TuckerAllen, we strive to make the period after a loved one passes as smooth... Read more »

Importance of Power of Attorney for Recent Graduates

If your child recently graduated from high school, then you have likely been helping them prepare for whatever their next step in life is. That might mean buying dorm room essentials, reviewing class schedules, filing paperwork for student loans and financial aid, or prepping them for job interviews. There are a couple of items that... Read more »

What Happens if One Primary Beneficiary Dies?

A thorough estate plan is critical to protecting loved ones and providing peace of mind. When a person creates an estate plan, they are assuming their beneficiaries will outlive them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. From this issue arise many questions. The most common question being is, “Who inherits if the beneficiary has... Read more »

Estate Planning Tips for Avoiding Probate

Probate is a word many people have heard of, and of those who have heard it many know they should want to avoid it. But why should you want to avoid probate? And what exactly is probate? Is there a minimum amount of assets that necessitate probate? What about if you have a will, is... Read more »

Planning for Incapacity

What if You Don’t Trust Your Son- or Daughter-In-Law With Your Estate?