During the month of November, TuckerAllen is collecting and donating items for the St. Patrick Center move-in supply kits.

Donation items

Move-in supply kits are regularly used by the St. Patrick Center Veteran’s Program to provide veterans with the items they need to start their new home. Each client receives a move-in supply kit with everything needed to start their new home. Individual items and complete kits are appreciated.

Items can be purchased from the St. Patrick Center’s Amazon Wish List, Target Charity Registry, or the below list.

Household Items Kit Cleaning Supplies Kit Kitchen Products Kit Hygiene Products Kit
1 full size sheet set 1 broom and dust pan 1 set of eating utensils for four 1 toothbrush
1 twin sheet set 1 large bottle of laundry detergent 1 set of dishes for four 2 bars of soap
2 pillows 1 large bottle of bleach 1 set of cups for four 1 bottle of shampoo
2 pillow cases 1 mop bucket 1 two slice toaster 1 deodorant
1 blanket 1 bottle of 409 cleaner 1 cookware set (pots and pans) 3 washcloths
1 alarm clock 2 rolls of paper towels 1 can opener 3 bath towels
8 hangers 1 scrub sponge Cooking utensils 1 package of 10 razors
1 shower curtain and hooks   1 bottle of dish soap 1 shaving lotion
1  box fox   1 set of dish towels and cloths 4 rolls of toilet paper
    1 kitchen trash can 1 bottle of body lotion
    1 box of trash bags 1 comb and/or brush
    1 dish drainer 1 box of Kotex and/or tampons
    1 coffee maker 1 box of tissues

Drop off Instructions

Item donations can be dropped off at the TuckerAllen Kirkwood office, 1001 S. Kirkwood Rd. Suite 130, Kirkwood, MO 63122. Item donations purchased through the St. Patrick Center’s Amazon Wish List and Target Charity Registry can either be dropped off at the TuckerAllen Kirkwood office, or shipped directly to the St. Patrick Center.