Healthcare Power of Attorney & Durable Power of Attorney​

You may have heard of situations like these: A young adult has been in an accident, and the hospital refuses to discuss their condition with his or her parents. Or a parent needs their child’s records from a college or university, only to be turned away. What’s going on here?

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In the eyes of the law, once your child turns 18, they are considered adults. You no longer have the authority to make financial or healthcare decisions for them—even if you are the one paying their tuition, covering their health insurance or claiming them on your taxes. This takes many parents by surprise (and adult children who may not be quite ready for “adulting” just yet).

If you and your child agree you should still be able to help make decisions, the simple solution is a power of attorney. With a healthcare power of attorney, you have permission to participate in your adult child’s healthcare matters, and a durable power of attorney lets you be a part of their financial affairs.

The mission of TuckerAllen is to protect and support families, and we believe these documents are important considerations for parents of adult children—especially those who may be heading back to college in the fall. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can still care for them should you need to.

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