Glossary Group: P

Prudent Investor Act

A state law that sets the standard of fiduciary duty... Read more…

Prudent Man Rule

A fundamental legal maxim restricting the discretion of a trustee... Read more…


Anything that is owned by an individual or entity that... Read more…

Probate Tax

A tax imposed by some jurisdictions on any property transferred... Read more…


Probate is a court supervised process wherein the executor or... Read more…


Principal is the property (such as money, stock, or real estate) owned... Read more…

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a written document granting an individual... Read more…

Power of Appointment

A power that gives an individual the right to transfer... Read more…

Pour Over Will

A pour over will is a last will and testament which transfers... Read more…

Per Stirpes

A method for distributing property where each branch of the named person’s... Read more…

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