Estate Planning 101


How Taxes Impact Estate Planning

Scott Trout chats with TuckerAllen attorney Missy Shands Manning about the various ways taxes can affect estate...

Using a Beneficiary Designation and a Will

Moderator Scott Trout talks with TuckerAllen attorney Kevin Mason about the basics of using beneficiary designations. Many people consider beneficiary designations suitable designations for wills or trusts and Mr. Trout and Mr. Mason discuss whether that is the case...

Terminating a Trust

Moderator Scott Trout is joined by TuckerAllen attorney Teresa Yao to discuss the circumstances involved in terminating a...

What is a Trust?

Moderator Scott Trout is joined by TuckerAllen attorney Kevin Mason to discuss the functions of a trust and how they are used to store assets in the estate planning process.

Estate Planning Blog

Get useful estate planning insights about wills, trusts, elder law, special needs planning, and more from the estate planning attorneys at TuckerAllen.

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