Estate Planning 101


Legal Planning for Young Adults

Moderator Scott Trout and TuckerAllen estate planning attorney Kevin Mason discuss the legal planning need-to-knows for young adults. Estate planning is typically something people don’t consider until they are of an older age, but there are some critical aspects...

Should I Give My House to My Kids?

TuckerAllen attorneys Kevin Mason and Jim Gau discuss whether it is a good idea to transfer your home to your children. Estate planning and elder care attorneys are often asked if it is a wise decision to transfer ownership of a home in order to protect it from...

Sending Kids to College – What Do They Need?

Moderator Scott Trout talks with TuckerAllen estate planning attorney Jim Gau talk about estate planning checklists for parents to run through before sending their children off to college. Mr. Trout and Mr. Gau discuss the details of a financial power of attorney,...

Strategies to Avoid Probate

TuckerAllen moderator Scott Trout and estate planning attorney Kevin Mason review strategies to utilize to avoid probate. Probate is a court supervised process wherein the executor or personal representative appointed under a decedent’s last will and testament proves...

Leaving Inheritance Money to Minors

TuckerAllen COO Keri Stoner chats with estate planning attorney Kevin Mason about leaving money to minors in your estate plan. There are specific steps that must be taken to ensure that inheritance money is distributed to children when those children have yet to reach...

Estate Planning for Unmarried Partners

TuckerAllen attorneys Teresa Yao and Kevin Mason give an overview of estate planning for unmarried partners. Estate planning is critical for married couples, but it also is vital for couples that haven’t tied the knot. Ms. Yao and Mr. Mason explain how those...

Estate Planning Blog

Get useful estate planning insights about wills, trusts, elder law, special needs planning, and more from the estate planning attorneys at TuckerAllen.

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