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The TuckerAllen Estate Planning Blog provides useful insights about wills, trusts, elder law, special needs planning, and more. If you have questions, or are ready to talk to one of our estate planning attorneys about your wishes for you or your family, please contact us.

How to Discuss Your Estate Plan Goals With Your Loved Ones

Creating an estate plan is an invaluable gift for your family as it will provide them with peace of mind during a very difficult time. Additionally, creating an estate plan offers you the opportunity to have meaningful conversations around your intentions, demonstrating to your loved ones how much you respect and appreciate them. Read more…

Creating a Wealth Transfer Plan

Without a will or trust, state law determines who receives your assets when you pass. This could mean the assets don’t get distributed the way you and your beneficiaries want. A wealth transfer plan can help. Read more…

Debunking Estate Planning Myths, Part 3

In addition to concerns over how estate planning works and who needs one [HINT: the answer is everyone], many people have questions around certain elements of estate planning, such as how jointly held property is handled, how to avoid probate, and how to ensure that their documents are valid. Read more…

Debunking Estate Planning Myths, Part 2

Many people do not know why they need an estate plan, what kind of estate plan they need, or how to start creating their estate plan. The following estate planning myths focus on the mechanics of estate planning and demonstrate why a quality estate plan is important for everyone. Read more…


Debunking Estate Planning Myths, Part 1

Many people postpone estate planning because they think it is too complicated, too expensive, or not necessary for their family. However, estate planning does not have to be difficult, and the average person can and should have an estate plan that is easily understandable and doesn’t break the bank. Read more…

Ensuring an Executor Fulfills His or Her Duties

The death of a loved one can already be a difficult time for everyone involved. If the executor appointed under a will is not administering the estate properly, that only adds to the difficulties. Fortunately, beneficiaries can address this issue in several ways. Read more…

DIY Wills: Creating a Valid Will in Missouri

To create a valid will in Missouri, there a few important steps to follow and points to consider in order for it to be legally compliant and likely to be upheld in probate court. Read more…

The Pros and Cons of Digital Wills

Digital wills have pros and cons. If you're looking for ease and convenience when creating a will, there might be better options than a digital will. Here are some points to consider. Read more…

The Importance of Updating Beneficiary Designations

Setting up beneficiary designations -- and keeping them updated -- is an important part of ensuring that the people named in your will receive the assets designated to them. Here are some tips on keeping beneficiary designations updated. Read more…

3 Things to Consider When Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

If you’re like most people, you do not have an ongoing business relationship with a lawyer, and may only hire an attorney a few times in your lifetime. So, when faced with a legal need, such as putting together a will, the task of finding and hiring an attorney can be intimidating. Read more…

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